Session 1: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Project Management Profession

Joey Jablonksi Bio

10:30am - 12:00pm

    Artificial Intelligence promises to automate a significant percentage of roles in the coming decade.  This automation will allow for higher quality, better levels of  safety and more efficiency across many industries.  

    But, this automation through AI will come at a cost.  Roles that have traditionally been focused on planning functions, status tracking and financial modeling will  have to evolve into roles of data manipulation, risk management and model training.This change will demand new skills for project managers, new operating models for business analysts and new approaches to project leadership. 

    This session will focus on:

    • how organizations and individuals manage this transition and what skills will be needed as AI becomes more dominant.  
    • changing role of the PM and BA
    • focus on how best to model project teams in this new world. 
     Speaker: Joey Jablonski

    Speaker: Joey Jablonski

    Session 2: Lessons Learned Best Practices

    Scott Weiner Bio

    1:00pm - 2:30pm

    Every project presents opportunities to learn and improve.  Does your organization know how to leverage these lessons learned? It’s one thing to discuss them but do you really know how and when to implement new standards? When you do act on a lesson learned how do you know if it was worth it? Change can be difficult and stressful, how does your team manage that stress and balance it with the need to improve? Do you wish you had proven best practices that fully engage Project Leaders and mitigates the risk of making the same mistakes? Whether you are a executive manager, project manager, or a team member struggling to get more value out of your self organizing approach, this session will have interest for you.

    Well then, join us for an informative and interactive discussion from Scott Weiner of NeuEon, the strategic advisory firm.  Scott will discuss his experience with Agile and Waterfall clients and share stories about what actually works in both small teams and large scale implementations. Whether you are in a team of five people or five hundred, these real life solutions will be beneficial. This is an interactive session. We hope you will come with your war stories or questions on motivation or running an effective retrospective. 

    You will learn about:

    • how project leaders can use past project lessons learned to their advantage in delivering successful projects

    • new tools on the market to capture and share lessons learned

    • best practices for Agile retrospectives

    • templates and techniques you can use to get your company engaged with your lessons learned

     Speaker: Scott Weiner

    Speaker: Scott Weiner

    Session 3: Could Your Project be Hacked? What Project Managers Need to Know About Important Cybersecurity Risk Factors.

    Eben Berry

    3:00pm - 4:30pm

    Project managers have become even more critical to the overall success of a business or organization’s mission objectives related to cyber risk.  “Could your project be hacked?”, is an important question with real world consequences given the economic and personal impacts experienced across all industries to date alone.  Like automobile safety evolution, cyber safety has become an important risk factor and innovation driver that project and program managers need to adopt more rapidly in providing a higher level of assurance in minimizing potential cyber breach exposures.

    This presentation will focus on the important risk factors that all project and program managers, regardless of industry should be on the lookout for and will include tips on how to raise the bar on their own project cyber safety.  Your knowledge of these risk factors, can help you work in concert with your business owner, CISO and ultimately your customer to deliver an on-time, on-budget and cyber safe project! 

    You will gain a high-level understanding of the following:

    • Understanding of cyber breach exposure by industry
    • Important risk factors that directly apply to all project managers regardless of industry
    • Tips on how to raise the bar for cyber safe project delivery. 
     Eben Berry

    Eben Berry

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