Project Manager as Leader: The Secret Power PMs have to Deliver Results and Influence Culture

In this inspiring keynote, leadership and culture expert, Lisa Prior, will reveal the untapped sources of strategy and influence that project managers can use to deliver results while boosting people’s energy and engagement. The advertised culture of your organization draws people in. But the ways that culture is lived inside the organization often falls short of the tagline. While culture and change are often delegated to the human resources department, project managers are uniquely positioned to lead people and teams to great cultures. From the inside, they can create the working environment the organization needs to achieve its bold goals and build great relationships with its people. Through your own personal development and more strategic use of the project management platform, you can play an even more powerful role in how people experience the day-to-day culture and how the organization delivers results to its stakeholders. Lisa Prior will tell you how.

Speaker: Lisa Prior

Lisa is passionate about her work (20+ years) as a leadership coach and culture change consultant, serving leaders and highly skilled professionals in healthcare, bio-pharma, biomedical, academic, financial services, asset management, retail, and non-profit sectors. Lisa understands that leaders at all levels shape the work environment and that leadership and organizational culture go hand in hand. Lisa’s mission: to enable leaders to bring out the best in themselves and their people so they create win-win relationships with one another and the organization.

Whether working with a biotech startup, an established non-profit or a Fortune 500, organizations move through predictable stages of growth or transition.

Using custom approaches to address what is needed, Lisa serves as:

▪Leadership Coach (one-on-one, senior teams, and assessments)

▪Change Consultant (culture, organizational design, and talent development and management)

▪Expert Facilitator (board discussions, team development, strategic planning) 

▪Keynote Speaker (on leadership, teams, executive performance and culture)